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Flood Control / Storm Water Retention Ponds & Drainage Ditches

Photo shows treated down stream side of the flood contriol project at Bainbridge, Ohio

Three applicatores applying a bare ground treatment to the downstream side of a flood control project in Brookville Indiana

Applications with blue dye have been made to the down stream side of a flood control project in Peru, Indiana
Drainage ditch in Rochester, Mn
before application
(FULL of woody vegetation & Invasive plants)
Drainage ditch in Rochester, Mn
after application
(FREE of woody vegetation & invasive plants)
Storm Water Retention Pond free of woody vegetation and invasive plants after a years
worth of treatments

4 Control Customers

  • City of Onalaska

  • City of Rochester

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

    • Missippissi River Project

      • St. Paul District

      • Rock Island District

    • Miami River Project

      • Louisville District

    • Wabash River Project

      • Huntington District

  • Village of Spring Valley